Can you explain ROLES versus USERS


The following screen shots illustrate the separation of ROLE from USER within strake/IR.

Processes are owned by TEAMS, which are comprised of ROLES.  Process tasks are held by ROLES.  Users of strake/IR are assigned to ROLES.  Users are not assigned directly to tasks.  Hence, the separation of ROLES and tasks from actual staff members.

 (Admin Menu - Roles) 

NOTE: The application has been created in this manner to maintain the integrity of processes and allow for management of staffing changes without required manipulation of process structures.  Interchange of users based upon changes in staffing populates to the processes via the role assignments.  This benefit allows for quick back up support in the event of unexpected absence or change in responsibilities.

A specific role is assigned a name and then is designated either a team leader role or defaults to a member role of that team.   The role is assigned to a team and both a primary and secondary user are assigned.  The primary user receives task notifications.  The secondary user is stored for administrative purposes only.

(Click on a role - form appears)

The users associated with ROLES can be changed with ease using the simple drop down menu, which provides the list of all active users of the system.  The change in user will result in the new user receiving all task assignments to that role with which the user is now associated.


Users are managed separately.

 (Admin Menu - Users) 

And can be made active and inactive (which logs them out/in to the system).

(Click on a user and the form appears) 

When building and editing your processes, tasks are assigned to ROLES from an available drop down.

Role assignments can be easily edited if necessary.  Bulk editing can be done in table view or through the individual task form.  A change in task assignment will result in the user assigned to the new role receiving the task when the process is run.



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