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The Create event function is ONLY used if there are OPEN issues available to be assigned to a new event. Otherwise, use the START/TEST A PROCESS function to initiate an invitation to a team leader to address an event directly.

Reminder:  Issues remain "open" if (1) a team leader of an IRT does not address directly from the work console an invitation to act on the issue (2) the issue was reported but no IRT is assigned to the associated event type or the site location of the issue.

See "Search Issues" in the Track Menu as a reminder of how to review issues.

The Create Event function is also available in the Use Menu:


The form that appears in either location requires the following in order to create the event:

Step 1: Fill in the event details to be shared with the team leader and logged for future reference. 

Step 2: Select the Team Detail tab and from the left window select all teams to be notified of the event.

Step 3: Select the Issue Detail tab and select the issue or issues in the left window to be added to escalated within this event.

Once this is completed, similar to using "Start/Test a Process" functionality, an invitation goes out to the team leader(s).       




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