Can I re-assign a role while a process is running?


If you have started a process and mid-stream, would like to change the user accountable for a role in that process, you can do so by editing the Role in the Admin menu. Note: Any task already disbursed to the Work Console, must be completed by the original user assigned to that role.  However, as soon as the role is re-assigned, the next available task will be sent to the new user's Work Console.

Examples of why you would do that:  

You've started a process and realize you need to leave mid-stream and would like your back up to finish the process.


The process has started and you realize someone else on your team has the expertise to handle the specific episode and you'd like to re-direct it.


To manage resources, one team member is overburdened and this process should be re-directed to another team member with a smaller work load.






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