Operational Status


Operational Status allows users to monitor the functional status of teams during an interruption in business.  Find Operational Status under the Track Menu.



In order to use this function:

(1) You must have created FUNCTIONS for your teams

(2) Established a best practice for those teams to report their functions "inactive" during business interruption.

During normal operations, view the status of all of your team's functions here in the Admin Menu under Functions.  

Note:  Active Status means all of these areas of your team's functionality are working. 

In the Operational Status view, any user can view any team, allowing view of overall company.  During normal operations, green bars indicate 100% operational.


In the event of an interruption in business, team members need to adjust their functions to 'inactive' so that anyone viewing the Operational Status receives a report of areas impacted.

Step 1: Members of each team need to address their functional status within the ADMIN>Functions as follows.

Example:  The network is down and Human Resources can not access its benefits applications.  Two of their functions are impacted and the status of each is changed to 'inactive'.

A user monitoring the health of the company through Operational Status, will see the following has occurred:

The Human Resource team is now 33% functional as two of its functions have been impacted.

During a major business interruption, the overall health of the company can be viewed as the functions of each team are reported down and overtime are brought back to active during recovery.

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