Step 1: Build Your Organization


In this section you will build Human Resources, Users, Teams, and Roles.  We will create a business neutral example, but you may wish to create your CSIRT team in its place.

Step 1: In the Build Menu to the left of your screen, click 


This will bring you to the Organization Workspace where you will build your organization.  (If you prefer to use forms, rather than drag and drop, go to the Admin menu and proceed with the helpful hits below.) 

 Tour of screen shot below:

(1) Left hand Navigation menu

(2) Organizational buckets

(3) Top tabs indicating what function you are using (ex. You are in the

     Organization Workspace)

(4) Organizational icons used in Drag & Drop motion to build your organization




Your Organization Modeler sets out a simple framework of buckets for you to fill using our Drag and Drop icons.


Example of Drag & Drop motion:


Helpful Hints: Order to Organization Building

1) Establish your human resources.  These are the people who will access strake/IR to complete tasks, by holding roles on teams.  As IR plans often require contact information to be contained centrally, these HR records allow you to store contact and email information.

2) Next create your users.  You will create user names and tie the human resource to the user.  This will release an invite to that user via email with an initial login password. 

3) Create the team or teams you are going to build processes for.  A team needs to be comprised of at least one role, and at least one of those roles must be the team leader.

4) Create the individual roles to be held on the team.  You will associate users with those roles, and can interchange them at any time. Initially, you may assign yourself to all roles until you have built out and tested your processes.



Lets Begin!


Human Resources

Step 1: Click on the  “+” to the left of Human Resource, this bucket will expand and you will find that YOU, as the first user for your company, will be the first human resource already listed within the organization.

Step 2: Click on your name and a form will appear to the right.  The only required fields for setting up human resources are the full name, the physical site location, and the email address to be associated with the software. 



Step 3:  Fill in your information and Click ‘Save’


 Step 4:  Click ‘OK’ and you will have completed the set up of your own set up.




Right now you are the Account Manager, you are the only user in your company that can ADD and de-activate users.

Now ADD a second human resource.

Step 1:  Drag the  icon down to the Human Resource bucket. The GREEN "+” sign indicates that you are hovering in the correct place to drop an additional HR member.  The form will appear to add the information for the new human resource.

Step 2:  Fill out the information for this employee.  Required fields being first and last name, current site, email and the role will be user.  If you would like a user to be able to ADD other users, select the "role" Business Administrator from the drop down menu in the form.



Step 3: Click “Save”

Step 4: Click “OK”

Step 5: See the new human resource appear below your name in the organization tree.



Once you have established your human resources, the user account for each of these employees needs to be created.  When you do this, user will receive a notification in his/her email to also join 9yahds. 

Step 1:  Click on the  icon,  hold the cursor down as you pull the icon to the User bucket and release the cursor when you see the GREEN “+” indicating that you can release the icon.



Step 2:  Complete the form that appears to the right.  Establish a username standard for your company.  Select from the drop down menu the matching human resource.

Example: first initial and last name



Step 3: Click ‘Save’

Step 4: Click ‘OK’

Step 5: Repeat for each of your human resources.



In strake/IR, processes are assigned to teams when built.

A team can be comprised of 1 member or many members.

A team can be created based upon the functions of that department, or its members can be cross-departmental, sharing a process.

Let's create a process of “on-boarding employees” for our Human Resource Department.  This process will involve the two employees from this department and notification to the Finance Department.  Follow our example or make up your own teams.

Create two teams using the drag and drop icon.

Step1: Drag the Team icon  down to the team buck.  Drop the icon when the GREEN + appears.

Step 2:  Complete the TEAM name and description of that team.  Leave the team leader blank.  You have not created roles yet so no options are available in the drop down.

Our example: Human Resource Team, this team handles employee related processes.




Step 3: Step 3: Click ‘Save’

Step 4: Click ‘OK’

Step 5: Create a second team.  We created the Finance Team.



Within this section, you will create the roles of the team members and assign the staff members to those roles. 

 Our example: 

Human Resource Team – we will create an HR Team Leader, a Human Resource Support, and and Orientation Leader

Finance Team - we will create a Director of Finance

Step 1: Using the drag and drop icon  add the first Team Roles to the Role bucket.



Step 2:  Complete the Team Role form that appears to the right.



Step 3:  Is this person the TEAM LEADER?  If so, click this box to assign the leadership role. (The leadership role allows the user to "Start Additional Processes" and receive episode invitations.)


Role names are just descriptive fields that will appear in the drop down menu when creating and assigning tasks.  This will assure the program knows who is the team leader for important notifications.

There can be more than one team leader on a team, but only the team leader with the lowest ID (earliest created team leader)  will receive episode invitations and notifications of overdue tasks on behalf of the team.  ID's can be reviewed on the ROLES menu item under ADMIN.

**For the purposes of testing your process, make yourself the team leader and click the box.

Step 4:  Click ‘Save’

Step 5: Click ‘OK’

Step 6: Create additional roles


Our simple organization below now has two teams. We have chosen to illustrate creating teams aligned with departments.  You may choose to create a cross-department or cross-functional team that is formed around a process.


Quick Note… Your organization is easy to edit!

View and Edit Organization

All of the information in your organizational “tree” is also available in tables for easy edit and addition as an option to drag and drop icons.  Each of the elements of the Organization appears in your left hand navigation menu under ADMIN.

Example: Edit a Human Resource.

Step 1: Click on Roles in the Admin Menu under Navigation in the left hand menu.



Step 2:  Double click on a human resource and the corresponding form will open.  Make any changes necessary.

Step 3:  Click ‘Save’

 Step 4: Click ‘OK’

** If you forgot to assign yourself to the team leader role, do so now through the edit function by editing your role to become the team leader.






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