Step 4: Start (Test) Your Process


The Use Menu offers 2 methods to start processes.  We will review START/TEST PROCESS in this section.





 Please note - all references to 'episode' in the support documentation has recently been changed to 'event' within your solution.

Step 1: Click  in the Use Menu and fill out the 'episode details' which describe the unique event or occurrence you are announcing.



Our example is a business neutral event to keep it simple but yours would be a cyber event such as website hacked, malware detected:


Step 2:  Select the Team Detail tab to select which team leaders should receive this notification.

Example: We would select just the Human Resource Team as we have set an escalation task into our On-Boarding New Employee process to notify the Finance Team.



(If you forget to choose a team you will receive an error message when you 'Save') 

Step 3: Click ‘Save’

Step 4:  Click ‘OK’

Step 5:  Click ‘Work Console’ under the Use Menu to move to your work console.  As the team leader, you will receive the invitation to address the ‘event’.




Quick Tour Work Console:  




Step 1: Click on the ‘Invitation to Join Episode’ and details appear in the left, lower window.

Step 2: Click ‘Join Episode’ to accept your participation and select the appropriate process for your team.



Step 3:  All processes assigned to your team will appear.  Click on the process that you want to run.  You can start more than one process if available to your team!



Step 4: Click ‘Submit’

Step 5: Your tasks will begin to appear in the upper right window associated with the process.  Because you have assigned yourself to every task, each will appear in the order the process was created.

Step 6: Click on a task and the detail associated with it will appear in the lower right window.



Step 7: Mark a task as complete to move forward to receive the next task assignment in the upper right window.  Continue completing tasks to see that the process runs properly.




Abort a Process

While testing your process, you may find errors and wish to edit further.  In order to edit your process, you must abort the current process that you are testing.  strake/IR will not allow editing of a process while it is LIVE.


  Step 1:  In the Track Menu click 


Step 2:  Click the process that is ‘in progress’ and hit . The status of the process will change to ‘aborted’.  Now you can return to your Work Console and drag the process into Under Construction.




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