Quick Start Guide Overview and Access



Navigation, located down the left hand side of your screen, is divided into four sections: Build, Use, Track and Admin.

The following a quick tour of the menu before we start.

The Build Menu – This menu contains the functions to create your organization and design your processes.


The Use Menu – This menu allows you to ‘use’ strake/IR, run processes, create tasks for others and yourself.


The Track Menu – Allows you to track the activities of your team and your company through specific reports and dashboard views.


The Admin Menu – Allows you to manage/view company information and adjust your personal information.



Your initial access to your strake/IR account will be through your receipt of an invite through email. If you have signed up and can't find it - please check your SPAM!  If you invite others to join, also remind them to check their spam if they do not receive an invite in their email.

You will enter the Work Console of strake/IR.  This tab is permanently open as this houses all required actions of strake/IR users. When processes are running, all invites to join and tasks to perform appear here.  Consider this your home base!




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