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 Upload documents into a central depository within the Build Menu by clicking on  . These documents can then be linked to tasks in the Process Workspace.

Step 1: Click Upload Document

Step 2: Fill out name, summary of document and use the 'browse' feature in order to complete the attachment.  

Step 3: Click 'Save'

Step 4: Click 'OK'

The document will appear.

To Edit a Document, click on the document title, then the Edit Document tab and a form will appear to edit the name, summary and upload the new attachment.  

You should make a note in the Summary of your username and most date of revision to maintain the record of revision.  The revision is then automatically linked to tasks to which the document is linked.

To delete a document, click on the name of the document and select the Delete Selected tab.  You will be asked to confirm you decision to delete the document. Deleting a document will remove it from all tasks to which it is attached.

Please note: Only the user who uploaded the document may delete it. (This is the reason the original user's name and date remains with the record)


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