Tour the Work Console - Where Work Gets Done!


Tour Your Work Console ....This is where work gets easier!

Your Work Console is your home base in strake/IR. When you get an email notification that there is a task to be done, this is where you will come!



You will spend most of your time on the Right Hand Window of the screen where activity is taking place and you are needed to pitch in.




Receiving a TASK looks like this: 

Step 1: Click on a task and the detail associated with it will appear in the lower right window.  It will tell you the name of the task, what to do and what the task relates to (episode).  It will also tell you how long you have to complete it.

Here is a simple ACTION TASK's like a TO-DO...



Here is something might have a document attached to that task:

If you do....just click on the document name and it will be downloaded to you desktop!



Step 2: Mark a task as complete and the next one that is assigned to you will appear when it is necessary.

Here are some other sample tasks you might receive.  

Need more information about the 'event' noted in the task?

Step 1: Click on SEARCH EVENT under the TRACK menu.

Step 2: Search the titles of event until you find the one listed in your task.

Step 3: Click on the event title and additional information about that event will appear.  This is all of the information your team leader received when she/he started the process off.  (you can look below to see how that happens)


If You are a TEAM LEADER.... you may receive one of these!

Step 1: Click on the ‘Invitation to Join Event’ and details appear in the left, lower window.

Step 2: Click ‘Join Event’ to accept your participation and select the appropriate process for your team.


Step 3:  All processes assigned to your team will appear.  Click on the process that you want to run.


Step 4: Click ‘Submit’ 

Step 5: The process tasks will begin to appear in the upper right windows of users associated with the process.  


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