Account Manager - You Signed Up for strake/IR!


As the Account Manager, we recommend you take a look at all of the videos and initial steps to get started.  You will make decisions about configuration of the account for your company. 

Your Admin Menu will have the following additional functions unique to your user status:

Ability to change subscription:

Select your new plan from the drop down and a payment form will appear requesting your credit card information.


Review your payment information immediately in the Billing Information menu item:




Assign Business Administrators or User Roles:

As the account administrator, you create additional users and assign the role of Business Administrator or User to each new user.  Business Administrators have the ability to add users and edit human resource records to assist you in building out the organization. 

You may choose to maintain full control over the addition of all users and assign all users with the basic USER role.  They will not see human resource records or user records.


ACTIVE/INACTIVE User status.  Only you, and your business administrators can change the status of a User.

Click on the <User> function and the list of users created to date will appear in a form:

Click on any user and their individual form will open:

Once the User has been created, the ACTIVE box is automatically checked.  To make this user inactive, uncheck the box and save.  (Be sure to remove this user from any ROLE assignments)

**This is all spelled out in your introductory videos and introductory steps in the next section of this help guide!  Please give all of that a look over and contact us if you have any questions!

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