Build Additional Sites & Organizational Units


Create a new SITE

When your company account is created, that first location becomes the SITE of your account.  If you have more than one location for your company, you may add it by clicking on the VIEW SITE icon on the top bar of the Organization Workspace.


Step 1: Select Organization Workspace

Step 2: Click the View Site tab on the top bar

Step 3: Click the Create button in the View Sites form.  Fill out the form as shown below:


Step 4: Click Save

The new site will appear on the form and the site will be added to drop down menus where sites require selection throughout the software.  Similar functionality exists under the ADMIN menu SITES function.


When the company account is set up, the first organization unit is named after the company and can not be edited, as it is tied to account set up.  However, additional units can be created, under which teams, resources and functions can be added.

You might choose to do this based upon differing locations, function, business line etc. depending upon the complexity of your organization.

Step 1:  Drag the Organization Unit Icon to the first named organization unit and the green '+' will appear,  indicating to drop the icon. 



Step 2: Fill out the form that appears:


When you save, the organization unit will appear in the organization tree with its own buckets for the future elements of that unit to be created.







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