Incident Response and Continuity - add Functions, Resources & Initial Response Teams



If you would like to track the functions of each team, you can create categories of activity of each team in the Organization Workspace.  In the event of business interruption, these functions can be adjusted to 'inactive' status while off-line, in order to monitor team functionality while the company is recovering.

Step 1: Drag the Function icon over to the Function bucket and the following form will appear.

Step 2: Complete the  form with name of the function and a description, then select the team that handles that function, its current status and how long it should take to recover the process during an interruption. 


Status of functions can be monitored in the ADMIN menu, by clicking FUNCTIONS where a table view will illustrate current status of each function and status can be changed by clicking directly on the function.


Editing of status can also occur in the Organization Workspace by clicking on the specific function in the organization tree.




You can create resources that are related to site location and specific teams to keep track of equipment and supplies housed by each.  In the event of business interruption, these resources are documented.

Creating Resources is a two part process:

Step 1:  Click on RESOURCES in the ADMIN menu and select CREATE NEW RESOURCE CLASS


Step 2: Fill out the form.  A Resource Class would be a classification like Equipment or Supplies.  This will create options in the drop down menu on the next form.

Step 3:  Click on CREATE NEW RESOURCE TYPE and fill out the corresponding form.



This level of detail is a subset of the type class and will create the menu options in a drop down when you create resources specific to your teams.  An example would be Computer Equipment as a type of Equipment.

Once you have added your Class and Types, you are ready to create resources for your teams.

OPTION - remain in the ADMIN menu and click Create at to top tab where you have been working in Resources or move back to the Organization Workspace.  In either place, the same form will appear.

Step 1:  Click on Organization Workspace and drag the Resource Icon down to the Non-Human Resource bucket.  


Step 2: The form will appear to be completed.  Complete the name of the resource, a description, what type of resource it is, the location it is housed and the team responsible for it.  Set the status as active and determine the objective for recovery in the event of disruption.

Step 3: Hit save and the resource will appear in the organization tree.


In the event of business interruption, the status of resources would be changed to inactive if destroyed or no longer available to support activity.  This would be monitored during the recovery processes.



For advanced use of strake/IR in support of incident response, an initial response team can be established to assess 'issues' that are reported through the use of the Report an Issue function under the USE Menu.  The initial response team leader receives notifications that  an 'issue' has been reported in the work  console and it is his/her job to evaluate whether to heighten the issue to an event status and initiate a processes to address the event.  

Creating an initial response team is similar to creating any other team, with 1 additional step added:

Step 1:  In the Organization Workspace, drag the Initial Response Team icon over to the team bucket.  


Step 2: Complete the form that appears:



Step 3:  Click the "Events" Tab.  Here you will check the boxes of the event types that the team is responsible for.  When issues are reported, an event type is selected to describe that issue.  Hence, any issue carrying the flagged event type will be directed to the team you are creating.



Once saved, the team will appear in the organizational tree with the other teams. This team can own processes just like any other team, but has this added capability of issue assessment and escalation.  It will not have a special designation in the tree and you should name it as such if you wish to identify it as an initial response team.




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