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If you haven't read the section "Report Issues", click HERE first for a definition of Issues and how issues are generated in strake/IR.

The Search Issues function offers (1) a log of all reported issues  (2) an alternative method to managing issues outside of an Initial Response Team structure (demonstrated in the above link).


Step 1: Using the Track Menu, select Search Issues.

A table of issues will appear:

The 'State' of the issue will tell you whether it has been addressed or not.  If it is open, that means it has not been added to an event and 'escalated'.  If it is closed, someone has already dismissed it.  Escalated means it has been attached to an event and thus, is being addressed.

As an option to using an Initial Response Team to address issues as shown in "Report Issues", anyone monitoring the issues report can manage the issues using the tabs at the top of the report.

Step 2:  Double click on the issue to open the form and review the details. 

You have three choices (1) add this issue to an existing event for documentation or logging purposes (2) create a new event specifically for this issue, which will generate an invitation to a team to address it (3) after researching, do you just want to close it out?


Add to event:

Step 1: Click the issue to select it and click the <Add to Event>tab at the top of the report.

A list of all events will appear for you to choose from.  You will select the event that this issue should be assigned to.  

NOTE: This action will only add this issue to the details of this event, there will be no action prompted by strake/IR. 

From the list, click on the episode and click <Submit>

The issue is now attached to the detail of that episode: 

To confirm click <Search Events> in the Track Menu:                                       

Locate your event and double click it to open the detail. 


Click the Issue Detail tab and now your issue will appear with the other issues that were reported that have been assigned to this event.

This action serves to categorize reported issues under events that are being acted upon already. 

Create an Event:

Action will be prompted in strake/IR if you use the Create An Event tab.  This will send an invitation to the selected team leader(s) just as the function <Start/Test Process> does. This should be performed when the issue has been researched and requires attention through strake/IR.

Step 1: Click on the issue to select it, then click the Create An Event tab and a form will appear.


Step 2: Click the Team Detail tab to select your team(s) to receive an invitation to address this event.


Step 3:  Save the Event and an invitation is sent out to the work console to the team leader of the team you selected.       

To review - if your company decides to use the Issue function, it allows an intermediate step in the analysis of event going on in the company prior to invitations being sent out the team leaders to take action.  

Close Issue

To close any issue, just click to highlight the selected issue and click the Close Issue tab.  Open or Escalated issues can be closed.  


The 'State' of the issue will change to closed.

Depending upon your company's best practices, closing issues may be a final required step to a process to insure that all users know that an issue has been resolved.


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