Will I receive email notifications?


Yes, strake/IR sends email notifications to you and your team members anytime your team has something to do. NOTE...we have changed from 9yahds to strake/IR so our images are in the process of being updated!

Here are samples of the notifications:

A user has created an event titled "9yahds is SO cool!"; using the function <Start/Test Process>   This function notifies the team leader that a unique event requires attention by his/her team.

The team leader will then enter strake/IR, join the event and select the process(s) required to address the situation.

Team members will all receive notice when their team leader has joined an event:

Team members will be notified of their tasks when the leader joins the event and selects a process:

Team leader will be notified that the process has been started:

If a task goes beyond duration, the team member will receive reminders:

When the team member receives the set number of 'overdue' notices, the team leader will receive a notice as well:


Finally, if an Issue is created by a user, an Initial Response Team Leader receives this:

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