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View this quick video to gain an overview of the Community Folder: Community Folder Video

If you are new to strake/IR, we recommend you review the following videos before copying a process into your account:

Build Your Organization: View Here

Build a Process:  View Here

Edit Your Process:  View Here

Note: strake/IR logic requires each process to be owned by a team.  Each task within a process is held by a member of the team owning the process.  Hence, when you copy a process into your account, you will have the option of assigning it to an existing team you are a member of, or you may create the suggested team/roles included in the process description.

Upon copying the process into the Workspace and assigning a team, all tasks will auto populate to the team leader.  The next step is to re-assign each task to the team role responsible for that task. Task descriptions contain suggested roles to make the edit process easy.  Task descriptions also contain highlighted instructions for you, the process editor.  These may include the suggestion to link documents to tasks or provide additional steps based upon your internal processes.  The key here is the easily customize well prepared processes to meet your needs.

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