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Welcome to our Quick Tours!  As you will discover, our Support tab contains detailed help for each menu item and training videos to get you started. Your tour guides are available for download in PDF format at the bottom of this article.  

Goal: Your quick tours aim to give you a high level overview of a few features before we drill down into much more detail.


Quick Tour #1:

Objective: In 10 minutes or less, experience editing, running and tracking a process.  Get a feel for strake/IR and want to learn more!

Step 1: Log in – 1 minute or less

Step 2: Edit a Process – 3 minutes

Step 3: Run Your Process – 3 minutes

Step 4: Now Complete a Task – 1 minute

Step 5: Track Your Process – 1 minute


Quick Tour #2:

Objective: In 15 minutes or less, copy a process from the Community Folder, then learn to edit your Sample Team and add new roles.  Finally, edit the new process tasks and assign them to the new roles you have created.

Step 1: Log in – less than 1 minute

Step 2: Copy from the Community – 2 minutes

Step 3: View the Process -  1 minute

Step 4: Edit the Team -  6 minute

Step 5: Edit the Process – 4 minute

Step 6: Make it LIVE! – less than 1 minute


Quick Tour #3

Objective: In 5 minutes or less, add a second user to strake/IR!

Step 1: Log in – less than 1 minute

Step 2: Create a new human resource – 1 minute

Step 3: Invite that person to be a user – 1 minute

Step 4: Create a new role for that user – 1 minute

Step 5: Upgrade to add another user – 1 minute



Our Support section has detailed videos and articles on every feature of our product.  The quick tour is to get your feet wet before the big dive!  And in case you need it, we provide swimming lesson for every level, beginner to advanced!


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